School of Kink

School of Kink is the Society’s educational arm, pleased to bring you a huge variety of classes, workshops and other skill-building opportunities. Classes run most Sunday afternoons, as well as Sunday and Monday evenings. Dedicated peer tutoring hours are Sunday and Monday from 6-7PM. For a complete listing, check the calendar.

Practical workshops and skill-sharing 
Never held a flogger before, but really want to? Or have you been doing rope suspension for five years and are finally getting around to trying an inverted pose? Maybe you really want to decorate your own pasties, or need advice before buying your first latex outfit. SoK’s runs practical workshops and skill-sharing events for levels novice to advanced so you can learn a new skill, or hone a well practiced one.

Relationship and interpersonal workshops
What is “vetting” and how do you do it? What are some different ways to structure polyamourous relationships? What does AB/DL stand for? Each of these questions (and dozens of others) has been the subject of SoK classes. Curious about some BDSM- or kink-specific relationship, interaction or social structure? The SoK presenter will give you a good foundation, and the tools you need to build your knowledge.

Discussion groups and roundtables
SoK discussion groups and roundtables offer a welcoming place for people to share, hear and reconsider opinions about all kinds of kink questions. What are some of the challenges monogamous people face in the public kink scene? How do you go about exploring your dominant side after years of being purely submissive? Do you drop and how do you cope? These sessions are facilitated by an SoK volunteer who asks the tough questions helps keep participants more or less on topic.

Peer tutoring
Sometimes, you just want one-on-one attention to build a skill. SoK maintains a list of volunteer tutors who will build a curriculum to suit your needs and see you through to the end. Current tutors specialize in skills from fire-cupping and rope work to flogging, service submission and sensation play. For a complete list, click here.

To volunteer for SoK, request a class on a specific topic, or sign up for peer tutoring, email SchoolOfKink(at)SocietyOfBastet(dot)com.