Volunteer Positions

Want to donate your time and energy to the club? Thanks! Here are some of the positions we need filled most often:

  • Door Volunteer
    Door volunteers are the fresh faces taking your money and running the canteen at all play parties and many other events. Door volunteer training runs every quarter and volunteers get a free pass for another event.
  • Cleaning Crew
    The club doesn’t keep itself spotless. If you whistle while you work, sign up for cleaning crew to help keep the club, well, clean.
  • Committees
    Do you love to welcome newbies? Join the Welcome Committee! Do you love to plan themed parties? Join the Events committee! Do you love fundraisers? Fundraising Committee would love to have you!

To volunteer for these positions, please email volunteer(at)SocietyOfBastet(dot)com.

  • School of Kink
    SoK is always on the lookout for experienced peer tutors and demo bottoms, discussion facilitators and more. To volunteer for SoK, please email SchoolOfKink(at)SocietyOfBastet(dot)com.
  • Dungeon Monitor
    The Dungeon Monitor (DM) is responsible for the safety and well-being of play party guests. They’ve always got crash scissors and know where the first aid kit is. The Sheriff oversees the DMs and holds training once a quarter. DMs get a free pass for another event. To volunteer as a DM, please email Sheriff(at)SocietyOfBastet(dot)com and check the calendar for the next DM training.

Got another idea of how you could donate your time to Bastet? We’d love to hear from you! Send an email to volunteer(at)SocietyOfBastet(dot)com.