The Society of Bastet is volunteer-run, non-profit organization, dedicated to facilitating an accepting and inclusive alternative lifestyles community. Serving fetishists and kinksters throughout Atlantic Canada, our fully equipped play space hosts School of Kink classes, peer tutoring, social events, weekly play parties and more!

We are more than just a BDSM club as we create a space to indulge in many different kinks and fetishes. Whether you are a furry, have a foot fetish, latex fetish, an interest in domination or submission, enthusiasm for rope bondage or really just whatever consensual kink you are into Bastet is a great social or play setting for you.

We are NOT a sex club. We are an alternative lifestyles club and although kink happens at the club penetration does not.

Membership costs $30/person for a one-year membership, or $50/person for a two-year membership. Non members are encouraged to come out to events and check us out!


NO (or red) means NO. An absence of a yes is a NO.  If you are told NO one time, STOP ASKING. (This applies to Tops and bottoms, and all genders.) No one owes you an explanation of why they said NO. No is a complete sentence requiring NO justification.

 Toys are very important items and quite personal items.  Touching someone’s toys is not a good idea unless you are sure they do not mind. “Borrowing” toys which are “lying around” is exceptionally bad etiquette. The club has toys available for use! 

RESPECT!!! People, pronouns, personal space, identity, sexuality and all club rules! 

Keep personal gear in designated storage areas. 

Personal hygiene is important, we have bathrooms available to freshen up if necessary. Baby wipes are excellent for a wipe down after an especially intense scene! 

Keep scents and scented products to a minimum, many people have sensitivities. 

Clean up after yourself. If you have a snack or drink, put trash in the trash and empty cans/bottles in recycling. 

Clean up play space and dungeon equipment after using. 

If you see a scene going on, avoid disrupting it. Be discrete when viewing scenes. 

Make room for aftercare! 

Use common sense! If you're not sure, ask! :D


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